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A Living Wage

A Living Wage
(Ron Kavana)

Sally is eleven, goes to St. Clements
Back of the railway tracks
With assorted refugees from DSS, B and B's
At the school gate they sell crack
Here they ssteal her thunder, crucify her wonder
Can she get out alive and grovel geatfuly
On the eternal 9 to 5

A living wage is all that we demand
From a government sworn to uphold that cause
Not betrayl of precious right, bought with presious lives
In the course of two World Wars

Now Sally is sixteen sits in history class
Reading what Churchill said
About a living wage for all the poorly paid
The basis of our welfare state
but her freind Sue left school last year
For a job in a shoe shoe shop
Now she's back home,, signing on the dole
The pay weren't worth a crap

In the ivory tower high on the hill
Far fro the street and trash
Sit the privlaged few, our future rulers
Learning bought with cash
In the afternoon doom of her classroom
Sally's waiting for the bell
She carves a desperate plea on her desktop
Get me out of this frigging hell

Chorus and repeat

Not betrayal of precious rights, bought with precious lives
In the course of 2 world wars

Copyright Island Music
Recorded by Ron Kavana on Hard Cash soundtrack

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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