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An Old Log Cabin for Sale

An Old Log Cabin for Sale
(Words and music: Payte)

While strolling along in the country
Reviewing the scenes new and old
I found an old-fashioned log cabin
So beautiful there to behold;
A stranger was standing in silence
His eyes firmly fixed on the door
My heart ached (in pity) or (and pitied) to see him
For these were the words that it bore.

And the sign read "An old cabin for sale
An old oaken bucket and well"
F'he returns, just keep a log on the fire
And a light burning bright in the dell;
Many years an old couple did patiently look:
....2nd refrain: (so patiently looked)
For their boy whose last promise did fail
Now the old rockin' chair will be rocking no more
There's an old log cabin for sale.

A welcome I read on the floor mat
An old braided rug by the door
The hands of an angel had made it
With many a prayer prayed before.
In an old rockin' chair, long she waited
For one glimpse of him how she yearned
And now he was standing in silence
Too late, yes, too late he'd returned.


TAG: There's ...home.
Recorded by Porter Wagoner

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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