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Keeper of the London Zoo

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Keeper of the London Zoo

My father was the keeper of the London Zoo
And he slept one night with a kangaroo
From this union there came three
A wallaby and a wombat and the other was me

cho:  The monkeys chatter the whole night through
      Oh, for the life in the London Zoo

I went to a carnival one fine night
Went into a tent to see a fight
And as the bell went ting a ling
I saw my mother standing in the ring

"What has become of my children three?"
My mother then she asked of me
"One was employed as a pogo stick
And the other was given a bishopric."

Her chin connected with a flashing right
When I looked again she was out like a light
I heard her mutter as she came to
"To hell with the keeper of the London Zoo."

Yet another Eddystone Light parody
see also Eddystone Light, The Man at the Nore, ASTERLIT

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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