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Lone the Plowboy

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Lone the Plowboy

As I walked out one May morning,
     When May was all in bloom,
I walked into the flow'ry fields
     To see the rich perfume,
I walked into the meadows green
     To tarry for a while,
There I met Lone the plow-boy
     He did my heart beguile.

As he was thus a-plowin'
     The furrows deep and low,
A-cuttin' an' slashin' the sod to pieces
     Some barley for to sow,
Oh I wish that handsome plow-boy
     My eyes had never seen,
For Lone the handsome plow-boy
     With his arrow sharp and clean.

A rich an' worthy gentleman
     A-courtin' to me came.
Because I would not marry him
     My parents did me blame;
But alas, young man, forever
     To you I bid adieu
For Lone the handsome plow-boy
     Has caused my heart to rue.

The plow-boy hearin' this lady
     So sadly to complain,
Says he, my honored lady
     I will ease you of your pain,
If you will wed with the plow-boy
     Forever I'll prove true,
For you my heart has wounded
     An' I love no one but you.

The lady quick consented
     To be his lawful bride
So hand in hand to the church they went
     An' there the knot was tied.
An' now that they are married
     They have gold laid up in store
The plow-boy and the lady
     They do each other adore.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Marcus Freck, IL 1925; he learned from an old
     woman in AK, 1899
DT #472
Laws O7

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