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Lonesome Robin

Lonesome Robin
(Bob Coltman)

Rise up on your bed of straw
And see if you can't bend back your bow one last time
You're sick with your wounds and you think you don't care
But you know it'll prey on your mind
And wherever your arrow falls to the ground
We'll lay lonesome robin down, one last time

  No more Robin, no more, your outlaw days are over

It's funny how hot is the sun
Now that you can't run away to the shade
And you can't help but think of the deer that you've run
And all the tricks that you've played
An wonderin' what Marian's bound to do
Better than comin' to see you, one last time

When you were a little boy
You had to go to bed while the sun still shone
It was just like sleep was the end of the world
And tomorrow would never come
And now lonesome Robin can't you just close your eyes
And pretend that the sun will still rise one more time

Now time has took your time away
Time and contraptions have slowed you down
All of the times you ever had
Took to their heels and they run
Hold on to what ever is closest to you
It's all lonesome Robin can do, one last time

note: death of Robin Hood
Recorded by Bob Coltman
Copyright Bob Coltman

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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