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Lookout Hill

Lookout Hill
(Lee Bushnell) (Stan Rogers's uncle)

There's a spot far away we all know well
A place that's called the Lookout Hill
Where rabbits hop and the wildcats yell
How I love that place no one can tell

There are trout streams there and moose and deer
But you never lay eyes on a grizzly bear
So take your pack up on your back
And head your way up the Lookout Track

There'll be a time when I am old
And my poor old bones are stiff and cold
I'll head to the Lookout with the setting sun
When I smell those spruce trees I'll feel young

When the lakes are frozen and the brooks are high
And you hear the owl in the moonlight cry
I'll head to the Lookout with spirits high
Goodbye my friends, it's there I'll die

(Repeat 1st verse)

on "For the Family" - Stan Rogers
Copywright 1983 Folk Tradition Records

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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