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Lord Gregory (2)

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Lord Gregory (2)

I am a king's daughter, straight from Capelkin,
In search of Lord Gregory, pray God I find him.

The rain beats at my yellow locks, the dew wets me still,
The baby's cold in my arms, love, Lord Gregory let me in

Lord Gregory is not here and he henceforth can't be seen,
He's gone to bonny Scotland to bring home his new queen.

So leave now these windows, likewise this hall,
For it's deep in the sea you will find your downfall.

Do you remember Lord Gregory, as we sat at the wine,
We exchanged rings and aye the best was mine.

Yours was the purest gold, and mine but the false tin,
Yours had cost a guinea love, but aye it was false within.

Do you remember, Lord Gregory, that night in Capelkin,
You stole away my maidenhead, and sore against my will

So open these windows, open and let me in
The rain rains on my good clothing and the dew stands on my chin

I have built a bonny boat all covered with pearl
And at every needle-tuck in it there hangs a silver bell

But I'll take down that mast of gold and set up a mast of tree
For to think you could have forsaken me, to sail on royally

So I'll leave now these windows and likewise this hall
For it's deep in the sea I will find my downfall

This version of "Lord Gregory" is sung by Maddy Prior under the
title "The Lass of Loch Royal" on the self-titled Silly Sisters
album. It's a somewhat different version, one that seems more
corrupt. DS

Child #76

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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