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Lord of the IRT

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Lord of the IRT

Oh, I rode on a Friday when the trains all stalled
Well, the muggers came out and all of us were malled
The doors wouldn't open or the lights go on
But what the hell, the trains rolled on

Ride, then whoever you may be
For I am the lord of the IRT
And I'll lead you all wherever you may be
I'll lead you all to the BMT

I rode in the summer with the heat turned high
The cars were packed and all of us were fry
I have ridden all the lines, even IND
But nothing does compare with the IRT

I rode with a woman with a brown paper sack
It's hard to ride with an elbow in your back
The crazies and the drunks came running through
And for seventy five cents you can join them, too

And then one day there began a strike
I said, ``Thank God,'' and I trotted out my bike
The drivers of the cars all came out, too
They ran me down, then they said they'd sue


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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