Digital Tradition Mirror


(Paul Siebel)

E                        F#
They all said Louise was not half bad
     A              B7           E
It was written on the walls and windowshades
     E                F#
And how she'd act the little girl
A deceiver, don't believe here

That's her trade.

A             B7    E
Sometimes a bottle of perfume
A             B7         E
Flowers and maybe some lace
A            B7             C#m
Men bought Louise ten-cent trinkets
     F#                 B7
Their intentions were easily traced.

E                      F#
Everybody knew sometimes she cried
      A        B7            E
Ah, but women like Louise, they get by.

And everybody thought it kind of sad
When they found Louise in her room
They'd always put her down below their kind
Still some cried when she died this afternoon.

Louise rode home on the mail train
Somewhere to the south I heard them say
Too bad it ended so ugly
Too bad she had to go this way.

Ah, but the wind is blowin' cold tonight
Goodnight, Louise, goodnight.

Copyright Paul Siebel

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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