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The Lousy Miner

The Lousy Miner

1.  It's four long years since I reached this land
    In search of gold among the rocks and sand,
    And yet I'm poor, when the truth is told,
         I'm a lousy miner, I'm a lousy miner
         In search of shining gold.

2.  I've lived on swine till I grunt and squeal,
    No one can tell how my bowels feel
    With flapjacks swimming round in grease...
    When will my troubles cease?

3.  I was covered with lice coming on the boat
    I threw away my fancy swallow-tail coat
    And now they crawl up and down my back...
    A pile is all I lack.

4.  My sweetheart vowed she'd wait for me,
    Till I returned, now don't you see?
    She's married now, so I am told, left her...
    In search of shining gold.

5.  O land of gold, you did me deceive,
    And I intend you my bones to leave
    So farewell home, now my friends grow cold...
    In search of shining gold.

from Put's Golden Songster to Lomax, The Folk Songs of America:
set to the tune of "Dark Eyed Sailor".

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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