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Lovely Nancy

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Lovely Nancy

As I rode out some fine summer evening
To view the stars and to take the air
It was there I spied a far lovely damsel
And for her beauty I did adore

I stood awhile and I gazed around her,
I thought I knew her quite well before.
It was my true and my faithful Nancy
That I left behind on my native shore.

I stepped up to her and I asked her where she was going
So far from her own sweet native home,
"I am in search of my true lover.
 For it's many a day since he has gone from me. "

I asked her how long since her love had left her,
She answered," Three long years or more,
And not one moment have I ever been happy
Since the lad I love has been gone from me."

He was both proper, tall and handsome,
As ever a mortal eye could see,
His comely looks and his lovely features,
His coal black eyes have bewitched me.

He put his hand into his bosom,
His fingers they being both long and small [slim],
"Here is a ring that we broke between us,"
Soon as she saw it was down she fell.

He picked her up into his arrums,
He gave her kisses one, two, three,
And every kiss he gave this lovely maiden,
" Oh you lovely maid won't you marry me. "

"Many a time I might have been married,
For many a young man came a-courting me,
But none of them could I ever fancy
Since the one I loved was so far from me.

"And many a time I have crossed the ocean
All with a sweet and a pleasant gale,
But now I mean for to drop my anchor
And to dwell with you on me own native shore. "

DT #746
Laws N33
From Creighton and Senior

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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