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Lowlands of Holland 3

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Lowlands of Holland 3

I'd scarcely got into my bed, I'd scarcely got to sleep
There came a noble captain and stood at my bed feet
Saying, "Arise my fair one and go along with me
To the lowlands of Holland to fight in Germany"

I got a noble fine ship a ship prepared for sea
And four and twenty mariners to bear the ship away
They sailed into Holland as I heard that some say
In the lowlands of Holland the ship was cast away

"No clothes shall go upon my back, no comb go through my hair
No fire light nor candle light shall ever light me there
Nor never will I married be until the day I die
Since the lowlands of Holland parted my love and I"

"Oh what matter, daughter, that you do thus lament
Is there not lads in Galloway to give your heart content?"
"If there is lads in Galloway, I'm sure there is none for me
I never had but one true love and he is drowned in the sea."

Child #92
Printed in Jim Douglas, Contentment, the Nutmeg-State Songster
from Thomas Fanning's notebook.  Tune from Caledonian Pocket
Companion 1750

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