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Sailing in the Lowlands Low

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Sailing in the Lowlands Low
(Words, P.J. McCall; tune, trad.)

Dunmore we quitted,
Michelmas gone by
Cowhides and wool and live cargo
Twenty young wild geese
Ready fledged to fly
Sailing for the Lowlands Low

cho: The lowlands low, the lowlands low
     Sailing for the lowlands low

Shaun Paor's the skipper
From the church of Crook
Peary keeps log for his father
Crew all from Bannow
Fethard and the Hook
Sailing for the Lowlands low

These twenty wild geese
Gave Queen Anne the slip
Crossing to Louis in Flanders
He and Jack Malbrook
Both are in a grip
Fighting in the Lowlands Low

Close lay  a rover
Off the Isle of Wight
Either a Salee or Saxon!
Out through the sea mist
We bade them goodnight
Sailing for the Lowlands Low

Ready with priming,
We'd our galliot gun
Muskets and pikes in good order
We should be riddled,
Captives would be none
Death! or else the Lowlands low

Pray Holy Brendan,
Turk nor Algerine
Dutchman nor Saxon may sink us!
We'll bring Geneva,
Sack and Rhenish wines
Safely from the lowlands low

note: Place names and surnames all from the south east corner
     of Ireland MR


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