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Little Blossom (2)

Little Blossom (2)

 Oh dear I'm so tired and weary, waiting for mother to come,
 She told me to close up my pretty blue eyes and when I awoke she'd be home.
 I think I'll go out and find daddy, he's prob'ly dropped in at the store,
 It's a long pretty store filled with bottles, and, I wish he would go there no

 I remember one night when he came home, he stumbled and fell up the stairs,
 Then as his anger possessed him, he kicked at my poor little chair.
 Mommy was all pale and frightened, she held me up close to her breast,
 She called me her poor little blossom, and I guess I've forgotten the rest.

 So, into the night went the baby, her little heart beating with fright,
 But, God's lighted candles in heaven, she saw them all sparkling and bright.
 The little girl entered the bar room, her voice ringing out sweet and clear,
 I knew this is where I would find you, and now I am glad that I'm here.

 Oh daddy the lights are so pretty, and daddy the music is sweet,
 I guess it's 'bout supper time daddy,
 For a moment the red eyes gazed downward, into the face sweet and fair,
 For a moment the devil possessed him, and he grabbed up the back of a chair.

 In a moment the demon had left him, but the work of his deed was complete,
 And poor little innocent Blossom, lay broken and crushed at his feet.
 God, pity the women and children, who live in this alcohol age,
 And God take away all the alcohol that leads to destruction and rage.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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