Digital Tradition Mirror


 (Anne Lister)

cho: Rockabye baby, cradle and all
     I'll tell you a story as night starts to fall
     I'll tell you a story as day turns to night
     All the best fairytales all turn out right.

 In all of the stories whenever you're crying
 Someone is passing by, walking or flying
 Godmothers, fairies or angels on high
 You can be sure you'll be heard if you cry
 Frogs are all princes, ugly ducklings are swans,
 There's magic at hand when all hope is gone
 Poor folk and honest folk always win through
 How I wish fairytales all came out true.

 There's always a way to win through to the treasure
 There's just enough pain before you find the pleasure
 If you think that you're beaten, help comes along
 And it's easy to tell who's right and who's wrong
 And just when you think that your heart has been broken,
 A prince comes along with a slipper or token
 It's you that he's looking for, you that he kisses,
 Why is it in real life there are so many misses?

 Hold on to the hand of your sister or brother
 And keep clear away from your wicked stepmother
 Children take action, the youngest are strongest
 Spells by the good fairy always last longest
 Rags turn to riches, stones turn to jewels
 There's always a punishment if you are cruel
 So rockabye baby, until it is morning,
 You'll find life's not quite like this - this is a warning.

copyright Anne Lister

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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