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Loving Riley

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Loving Riley

One night as I lay sleeping, as sound as I did sleep,
I heard the voice of my true love a-calling at my feet. Saying
Rise up, William Riley, come go along with me
To some foreign country land, and married we will be.

I'll leave my father's dwelling, forsake my mother's fee
Go through the howling wilderness and married we will be;
Her old father followved after them witb seven armed men,
Overtaken was poor Riley with his lovelye Polly Anne.

And then next morning early the jailer's son come down,
Saying: "Rise up, William Riley, your trial is at hand
Before yon bunch of jurors your trial you musty stand
I'm afraid you'll suffer sorely by your lovely Polly Anne.

Then up spoke an aged lawyer, these words he did say:
To hang a man for love, boys, I call it murder-y
To hang a man for love, boys, 'tis murder you plainly see,
O spare the life of Riley, and let him leave his country.

Then up spoke her old father, these words he did say
He's taken from me gold watches, He's taken from me gold rings,
He's took a silver brooch pin, 'was worth a thousand pounds
I'll have the life of Riley, or spend ten thousand pounds.

There is a ring amongst the rest I'll have for you to wear,
The ring has forty diamonds and  plaited with my hair
O when you wear it, Riley, wear it on your right hand
And think of my poor broken heart when you're in foreign land.

O'er Riley's routes and travels, it can't near all be told.
O Riley he's a handsome man, most neatly to behold;
His hair lies over his shoulders like many links of gold,
He wanted MacAllen's daughter, she was charming to behold.


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