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Lily the Pink

Lily the Pink
(McGear, McGough, Gorman)

Now here's the story--a little bit gory
A little bit happy--a little bit sad--
Lily the Pink and her medicinal compound
And how it drove her to the bad.

Ebenezer thought he was Julius Caesar
And so they put him in a home
And then they gave him medicinal compound
And now he's Emperor of Rome.

cho: We'll drink a drink a drink
     To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink
     The saviour of the human race
     For she invented medicinal compound
     And now he's Emperor of Rome.

Ripley Twinger, the opera singer,
Would take a glass for his voice to save
He rubbed his tonsils with medicinal compound
Now they break glasses over his head.

Johnny Hammer had a t-t-terrible stammer
He could hardly s-s-say a word
And so they g-g-gave him medicinal compound
Now he's s-s-seen but never heard.


Uncle Paul, he was very small, he
Was the shortest man in town
He rubbed his body with medicinal compound
Now he weighs only half a pound.

Lily died and went up to heaven
All the church bells, they did ring.
She took with her medicinal compound;
Hark the Herald Angels sing.


Very popular among the drinking class in England, who don't seem
to know about Lydia Pinkham RG

Publisher: Felicia Music

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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