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MACV Marching Song

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MACV Marching Song

Mine eyes have seen the glory,
Of a thousand claymore mines.
There were booby traps and punji stakes
Among the jungle vines.
We have battled the mosquitos,
And every kind of bug.
And with the VC girlies,
I've exchanged a dozen hugs.

cho: Gory, gory, we were ambushed
     Gory, gory, we were ambushed,
     Gory, gory, we were ambushed
     And we ain't going to fight no more

Oh, mine eyes have seen the glory,
Of the Montagnards at play.
I have seen strategic hamlets,
In every sort of way.
I have seen the troops of MACV,
And have often heard them say,
"Let's get on with this war,
So I can get away."

From The Longest Year, Bowen and Fish

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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