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The Maid of Fainey

The Maid of Fainey

There was a maid of Fainey, of youth and beauty bright
Who had scores of sweethearts to court her day and night.
But she had one only true love and he was her father's man,
And if I'm not mistaken I think his name was John.

For they both walked out together all in her father's park,
For they both sat down together to have some private talk,
Saying, "Here is a token of true love," and the ring they broke in two,
Saying, "You keep one half, my love, and I'll do the same for you."

Just as the ring was broken, she was in his arms entwined,
Whilst her poor aged father stood all the while behind,
Saying, "Daughter, if I catch him, some refreshments he will have;
I will send him to a far off land, where he'll be treated as a slave."

"O, Father, I'll go with him, let hard not be your heart --
If he draws a cart like horses, with him I'll draw my cart."
"Oh, daughter, I'll confine you all in your silent room;
I'll give you bread and water, and that will be your doom."

"I don't want your bread and water, nor anything you have.
If you rob me of my Johnnie, I'll go down to the silent grave."
Not another word was spoken, not so much as a "Fare-thee-well,"
For her heart-strings they were broken, which rang the parting knell.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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