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The Bonny Maid of Fife

The Bonny Maid of Fife

 One evening fair he took the air
 Down by the River Fourth
 For to take his ease and to watch the geese
 Fly in squadrons from the north

 And there he spied all on the tide,
 He knew in all is life
 He'd never seen such a gentle queen
 As the bonny maid of fife

 Her eyes were like some summer fair
 In autums' wisdoms' door
 A man could find more treasure there
 Than in any pirates' hoard

 A smile so free and rich as the sea
 Pierced his heart like any knife
 As she skipped and she danced all on the sand
 This bonny maid of Fife

 And as she dances she sang the tune
 Of a hue both sweet and sad
 Her gentle tones could charm the stones
 Or captivate of any lad

 The birds began to tune their voices
 And set the sky alight
 But their notes were shrill beside the trill
 Of the bonnie maid of Fife

 He has been a traveller bold
 Far off from Scotland's gate
 Through Norway and through Holland
 He's plied the roving trade

 He's seen fair maids in London town
 He's lived a freemans' life
 But his heart's full swell
 He's in the spell of the bonnie maid of Fife


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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