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Mainline Prosperity Blues

Mainline Prosperity Blues
(Richard Farina)

Good morning, teaspoon
Teaspoon give me back my brain
Hello, reflection-
You don't look the same
And good morning, sweet companion
Pardon me if I've forgotten your name.

Well I know the sun is shining
I believe it 'cause the shades are down
And I know the nighttime's over
Honey, nothing else could make that sound
And I know you won't be moving
Pardon me if I just hang around.

Well, society is rolling
Got to drive above a certain speed
Population's exploding
Gonna get you in a wild stampede
Well, companion, you'll forgive me
If I seem unwilling to succeed.

Now efficiency's the by-word
Everybody get to work on time
There ain't no unemployment
I believe I'm going to lose my mind
I'm listed on the census
But I think I'm going to just resign.

Well, I'm only just a pillow, honey
And I belong in bed
I need a little soothing
Something soothing, kind of mellow for my head
They say I could be productive
But I think I'll just recline right here instead.

(Repeat First Verse)

Copyright 1965 Whitmark Publ.
Rec. by Farina on "Reflections in a Crystal Wind"  Vanguard VSD-79204

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