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Make Me Operations

Make Me Operations

Don't give me a P-38 with props that counter-rotate
They'll loop, roll and spin but they'll soon auger in
Don't give me a P-38!

CHORUS:  Just make me Operations

Way out on some lonely atoll

For I am too young to die

I just want to go home.*

Don't give me a P-39 with an engine that's mounted behind
It will tumble and roll and dig a big hole
Don't give me a P-39.

Don't give me an old Thunderbolt. It gave many pilots a jolt
It looks like a jug and it flies like a tug
Don't give me an old Thunderbolt!

Don't give me a Peter Four Oh, a hell of an airplane, I know
A ground loopin' bastard. You're sure to get plastered
Don't give me a Peter Four Oh.

Don't give me a P-51, it was all right for fighting the hun
But with coolant tank dry. you'll run out of sky
Don't give me a P-51.

Don't give me a P-61, for night flying is no fun
They say it's a lark. but I'm scared of the dark
Don't give me a P-61.

Note: Oscar Brand sings," I just want to grow old" which is a less bad rhyme. DE
WWII, Pacific Theater
From There I was, Flat on My Back,  Bob Stevens.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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