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When a Man's in Love

When a Man's in Love

When a man's in love sure he fears no cold
Like I not long ago
Like a hero bold for to seek my love
I set out through frost and snow
The moon had gently shown her light
O'er the dark and lonesome way
When I arrived at her sweet cot
Where all my treasures lay

I gently rapped at my. Love's window
"Let me in my love".  She arose,
"Let me in mi- love, the door unclose7, "
And slowly I drew near.
"Now let me to your chamber love,
O let me to your bed,
Now let me to your chamber love,
I am wet and very- ill.''

"To let you to my chamber love,
My parents thev'd never allow,
Come sit you down by a good fireside .
And I'll sit there with you."
Her hands they were soft and her breath was sweet,
And her tongue it did slowly glide,
I stole a kiss from her ruby lips
And all her colours fade.

"It's many's the night and many's the dav
I came for to visit you,
And tossed about with the cold wind and storms,
And wet with the summer dew.
It's many's the night I have courted you
Against your parents' will.
I never forced you to be my bride,
So now my love sit still,

"For tomorrow I am going away
To old Columbia's shore,
And never more will you behold
Your lover any more:"
"Don't talk of going away my love
For those words do break my heart,
Come let us go and get married
Before you and I do part. "

"Then perhaps your parents they will forget,
And perhaps they will forgive,
For I resolve this very moment
Along with you to live."
And with a kiss the bargain was made,
And the wedding soon went on,
And now they are free from all courting cares
Since they unite in one.

DT #747
Laws O20
From Creighton and Senior, collected from Mrs.R.W. Duncan of Dartmouth
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