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Marching Song Og the First Arkansas (U.S.C.T.)

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Marching Song of the First Arkansas (U.S.C.T.)
(Captain Lindley Miller)

Oh, we're the bully soldiers of the First of Arkansas
We are fighting for the Union, we are fighting for the law
We can hit a Rebel further than a white man ever saw,
As we go marching on!

   Glory Glory hallelujah (3x)
   As we go marching on!

See, there above the center where the flag is waving bright,
We are going out of slavery; we're bound for freedom's light,
We mean to show Jeff Davis how the Africans can fight
As we go marching on!

We are done with hoeing cotton! We are done with hoeing corn
We are colored Yankee soldiers now, as sure as you are born
When the masters hear us yellin', they'll think us Gabriel's horn
As we go marching on!

They said, Now colored brethren, you shall be forever free
From the first of January, eighteen hundred sixty-three.
We heard it in the river going rushing to the sea,
As it went sounding on.

Father Abraham has spoken and the message has been sent
The prison doors be opened, and out the pris'ners went
To join the sable army of the African descent
As we go marching on

printed in Sing Out

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