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Marian Parker 1

Marian Parker 1

'Way out in California, a family bright and gay
Were preparing for their Christmas not very far away
They had a little daughter, a sweet and pretty child
And everyone who knew her loved Marian Parker's smile

She left her home one morning for her school not far away
And no one dreamed that danger was lurking near that day
But then a murdrous villain, a fiend with heart of stone
Took little Marian Parker away from friends and home

The world was horror-stricken, the people held their breath
Until they found poor Marian, her body cold in death
They hunted for the coward, young Hickman was their man
They brought him back to justice, his final trial to stand

The jury found him guilty, of course they could not fail
He must be executed soon in San Quentin jail
And while he waits his sentence, let's hope he learns to pray
To make his black soul ready for the great judgement day

There is a great commandment that says, "Thou shalt not kill"
And those who do not head it, their cup of sorrow fill

DT #731
Laws F33
From Burt, American Murder Ballads
William Hickman took Marian Parker out of school in Los Angeles in 1927
with the excuse that her father was injured.  He demanded ransom.
collected in Idaho and New York
no tune given

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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