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Mars Bars

Mars Bars
(Nan Harmon)

The Martians invited us up for tea
We will arrive at a quarter past three
They'll fly us to Mars with a Martian named Marge
And they'll take us to their house in their Mars barge

   Mars bars, eat 'em in your cars bars
   Better than Atari, starry, Sagittari-ars bars
   Screen stahs eat them in the casbahs
   Yummy-ummy, sticky-icky, creamy-eamy, juicy-uicy,
     munchy-unchy, slurpy-urpy, gooey-ooey Mars bars!

They will be serving us Marzipan
Campbell's Mars-mallow soup in a can
Orange Mars-malade over Mars-caroni stars
Marsaschino cherries and . . . Mars bars

Then to the theatre we will go
We will be seeing Mars-cel Mars-ceau
Mars-cello Mars-troianni will strum his guitars
And we'll have a few Mars-tinis and . . . Mars bars

Then we'll go strolling through the canals
We'll watch Mars mongooses in their corrals
We'll see those Mars-supials hop mete-ars
And over thar's a couple of . . . Mars bars

Then we will tell them we must be off
We'll say "Adios" and "Mars-el Tov"
And as we depart we'll see the canalis
And the ruby luminary of the Mars Bar-ealis

[Now maybe tomorrow they'll visit me
I'll serve them their favorite galactic tea
Hydrogen-sicles and pickled cigars
Cosmologic lollipops and hippopotamars, bars]*

*Anybody know where this verse came from?


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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