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Martian Lullaby

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Martian Lullaby

Oh my darling
Oh my darling
How I miss you
I never needed you so much
'Til I missed those
Crimson eyelids
And the scales I love to touch
You're my cosmic
Little sweetheart
And your thought waves are the most,
Sending growls of love like thunder
All along the Martian coast!

Oh, my true love's
An ordinary thing
You'd know her anywhere
By her pink antenna
And her polka dot skin
And the thirty four dimples
In her chinny chin chin
And the hydrogen sulphide
In her hair...

We were ready
to be married
When an earthman led her astray,
And I haven't
seen my darling
since that sad, galactic day.
If you see her
in Chicago,
or on Venus or Mercury,
and if you happen to recognize her,
send her back to me!

Recorded by Pete Seeger for Folkways, circa 1961, album title "Gazetteer" or
similar, if memory serves.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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