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Mary Danced With Soldiers

Mary Danced With Soldiers
(Paul Kennerly)

She'd slip away each day with the dimming light
And with the sweetest smile she'd kiss the child good night
After noon she worked her fingers till they were raw
For the sake of her son and the daddy he never saw

cho: Mary danced with soldiers,
     She stepped a light quadrille
     Shawl acrass her sholders
     To keep away the chill
     To keep away the chill

It was a rebel boy who brought her joy they say
Thourgh the years had passed the memories stood fast each day
Before a bullet cost the life of their (?)old man
He gave her a shawl and a parasol from France

They came around to the tavern in town that night
And with silent pride, Mary never tried to fight
They cut her hair and left her body torn
Her spirit slipped away before the dawn

     Mary danced with soldiers
     But now her body's still
     Shawl across her sholders
     To keep away the chill

Recorded by Emmylou Harris and The Dirt Band on Will the
Circle Be Unbroken volume two.

Copyright Paul Kennerly

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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