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Mary Riley

Mary Riley

One evening, as I went a walking,
Conversing with me and my dear,
Her old aged father stood in ambush
And heard the fond words that we said.

A gold ring she put on my finger,
Saying, "Johnny, keep me in your mind,
And if ever you roam from this island,
I hope you'll not leave me behind."

They kissed and shook hands and they parted,
Expecting to meet the next noon;
But hard was the heart of her father,
He locked my love up in her room.

With a coach of police he got ready,
He swore to the ring on my hand.
And for the squire's young daughter
I'm afraid a hard trial I'Il stand.

But Mary being constant and loyal,
Straightway to my trial she came;
She was dressed like some lady of honour,
The best of gold robes she had on.

Which made all the nobles to wonder,
And all the grand jury to stare,
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .

It's then she addressed the jury,
Those words unto them she did say:
"In case you love a young female,
Why should you be banished away?

"It's seven long years we've been courting;
I own that I gave him my heart;
And there's nothing but death will relieve me
If Jimmy and I has to part."

Now this young couple are married,
Their fortune on both sides paid down;
They live on the banks of the Shannon,
Although they've caused manys a frown.

They live on the banks of the Shannon
In love and sweet unity.
Here's a health unto young Mary Riley,
For loyal she's proved to be!

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from David Rogers
DT #581
Laws M16

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