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Mary Somers

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Mary Somers

1.  Oh, the Mary Somers, as you will see
    Loaded in Saint Andrew's for the old country
    She loaded deals and lobsters too
    And shipped fine men for to make her crew.

2.  Across the Banks we soon did steer
    And shipped our course for old Cape Clear
    We worked her with the greatest ease
    And made the run in thirty days.

3.  Now we are lying in Liverpool
    Bound back for Boston with gas coal
    Soon out of the Channel we shall steer
    And bid adieu to old Cape Clear.

4.  But the Somers meets with a heavy gale
    And springs a leak under close-reefed sail
    With her bowsprit gone and her rudder too
    And soon we'll be a used-up crew.

5.  Six days we pumped her with a will
    While thoughts of home our hearts did fill
    On the seventh morn, our pumps did sound -
    Nine feet of water in the hold was found.

6.  But in the morning we can see
    The William Bradley upon our lee
    We all stood by and did wear her round
    And set our colours union down.

7.  And as the Bradley did draw near
    And close across our quarter steer
    We hailed her as she did go past
    Our captain said, "We're sinking fast!"

8.  Then our captain says to every man,
    "Swing out the boats, save all you can
    Save all you can, lower the boats away,
    And on this wreck we'll no longer stay."

9.  Then into the boats we all did get
    Not thinking of the cold and wet
    On the Bradley's deck we soon did stand
    To be welcomed there by every man.

10. Now the Bradley's crew was eight, I mean
    Before our crew made up nineteen,
    And our grub being short and our water low
    Into some port in Spain we'll go.

11. Now to the sorrow of our hearts
    In this port of Cadiz we must part
    Oh, some will go and some remain -
    Good luck to all till we meet again!

- from Capt. Charles Cates (1899-1960) of Vancouver:PJT Coll no. 180.
in the Penguin Book of Canada   Folk Songs

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