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Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight

Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight

"Good, my lord, will you stay then about my father's house
And walking to these gardens green in my arms I'll thee embrace
Ten thousand times I'll kiss your mouth, make sport and let's be merry"
"I thank you, lady, for your kindness. Trust me, I may not stay with thee

For I have killed the laird Johnston, I care not for the feud
My loyal heart did still incline, he was my father's death.
By day and night I did pursue and all on him revenged to be
Now I have gotten what I long sought, trust me, I may not stay with thee

Adieu Dumfries, my proper place, adieu, adieu Caerlaverock fair
Adieu my castle of the Threem and all my buildings there
Adieu Lochmaben's gates so fair and the Legumshank where the birch
        pops bonny
Adieu my lady and my only joy, trust me, I may not stay with thee"

Now he has taken a good gold ring whereat hang signets three
Says "Take you this, my own dear love and ay have mind of me
But if you wed another lord while I am on the sea
His life is but a three day's leave, though I may not stay with thee"

The wind was fair, the ship was clear, the good Lord went away
The most part of his friends were there to give him fair convoy
They ate the meat, they drank the wine, presenting in that good
        Lord's sight
Now he is over the floods so grey, Lord Maxwell's taken his last goodnight.

recorded by June Tabor on "Ashes And Diamonds" (1977)

Child #195

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