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Mazlin's Mill

Mazlin's Mill

Now I'm a bullock driver and I work for Mazlin's Mill
And pulling timber from Vine Creek I've nearly had my fill
And when the rain it comes at last, the roads they are like glue
It's dig her out, or double-bank to find the balance due

The cutters are no better off, at us they cannot grin
For when they get their timber cut they cannot get it in
And my advice to you my boys, please do not take it ill
Far better turn your bullocks out than work for Mazlin's Mill



In his Big Book of Australian Folk Song Ron Edwards writes "Mazlin's
Mill was collected by John Meredith. According to Meredith's
correspondent this particular Vine Creek is near Ravenshoe, N.Q., and
the song dates from the thirties. The tune is given as 'Freedom on the
Wallaby,' (better known as 'Australia's on the Wallaby'). The four
Mazlin brothers were pioneer timbermen in the Atherton area of North
Queensland, and the creek that runs through the town of Atherton is
named after one of them. Will Mazlin's timber mill was on Creek,


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