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Three McFarlands

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Three McFarlands

'T was on a stormy winter in eighteen seventy-one,
When fourteen jolly teamsters did join the jolly gang,
Some of them from Clarenton, some more of them from Ross,
And five of them from Rumsey that knew not who was boss.

There were the three McFarlands: there Was Tom and Jim and Bob;
And Alec Tois, their rollway man, to load the timber on.
They loaded our hosses heavy with three sticks every time,
And we did think it early if we were home at nine.

As for our leadin' teamster, he is a very nice man.
I do intend to tell his name; it's Louie Culberson.
He drives a fine concern team, he starts us up at three,
Sayin', "Go and harness your horses, for you must follow me."

Bein' in the month of January, a very cold time indeed,
When seven of our jolly teamsters left our gang with speed.
Bein' in the month of February, it would make your poor heart ache
To see such loads and drifted roads our horses had to take.

Here's a word to the three McFarlands: They are a most damnable crew.
They all stood at their stations, they mean to put us through.
They never did show mercy to man nor beast was there,
But when they had to leave a stick, they all began to swear.

Come all ye jolly teamsters, wherever you are from,
Oh, do not blame poor Culberson, for he's not in the wrong.
We never did blame Louie to drive through frost and snow;
He bein' our leadin' teamster, he always had to go.

So now the cold winter's o'er, an' spring is comin' on,
And with the help of God, brave boys, we'll all get home again.
We'll kiss the girls and court them, and play with them for fun.
This lovin' maid will ask us when we'll come back again.

DT #826
Laws C18
From Rickaby
Sung by Mr James Gallagher, Minto, North Dakota

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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