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McSorley's Twins

McSorley's Twins

Arrah, Mrs. McSorley had fine, hearty twins,
Two fat little devils they were,
Wild squalin' and bawlin' from morning till night,
It would deafen you, I do declare;
Be me sowl 'twas a caution the way they would schrame,
Like the blast of a fisherman's horn,
Says McSorley, not one blessed hour have I slept
Since them two devils were born.

cho: Wid the beer and the whiskey the whole blessed night,
     Faith they couldn't stand up on their pins,
     Such an illigant time at the christening we had
     Of McSorley's most beautiful twins.

Says Mrs McSorley "A christening we'll have,
"For to give the two darlings a name."
"We will," said McSorley, "sure one they must get,
"Something grand, to be sure for the same."
For Godmothers Kate and Mag Murphy stood up,
And for godfathers came the two Flynns;
Johanna Maria and Dignacious O'Mara
Was the name that they christened the twins.

Whin the christenin' was over the company began
Wid good whiskey to fill up their skins,
And the neighbours kem in just to wish a good luck
To McSorley's most beautiful twins.
Whin ould Mrs. Mullins had drank all her punch,
Faith her legs wouldn't howld her at all;
She fell flat on her Shtomach on top av the twins,
And they set up a murtherin' shquall.

Thin Mrs. McSorley jumped up in a rage,
And she threatened Mrs. Mullins life;
Says ould Denny Mullins, I'll bate the firsht man
That dare lay a hand on me wife;
The McCanns and the Geoghans they had an ould grudge,
And Mag Murphy pitched into the Flynns;
They fought like the divil, turned over the bed,
And they shmothered the poor little twins.

Ref: M C Dean: The Flying Cloud (Virginia, Minnesota, 1922) and Walton's
(Dublin) A New Treasury of Irish Songs and Ballads)


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