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Me and Little Andy

Me and Little Andy
(Dolly Parton)

Late one cold and stormy night
I heard a dog a-barkin'
Then I thought I heard somebody
At my door a-knockin'
I wondered who could be outside
In such an awful storm
And then I saw a little girl
With a puppy in her arms.

Before I could say a word
She said "My name is Sandy,
And this here is my puppy dog
It's name is little Andy."
Standin' in the bitter cold
In just a ragged dress
Then I asked her to come in
And this is what she said.

"Ain't cha got no gingerbread
Ain't cha got no candy
Ain't cha got an extra bed
For me and little Andy?"
Patty-cake the Baker's man
My mommie ran away ag'in
And we was all alone and didn't know what else to do
I wonder if you'll let us stay with you.

Giddy-up (*Charley) Horse, goin' to the mill
Can we stay or not
If you don't love us, no one will
I promise we won't cry
London Bridge is falling down
My daddy's drunk ag'in in town
We was all alone and didn't know what we should do
We wondered if you'd let us stay with you.

She was just a little girl
Not more than six or seven
But that night as they slept
The angels took them both to heaven
God knew that little Andy
Would be lonesome with her gone
Now Sandy and her puppy dog
Won't ever be alone.

"Ain't you got no gingerbread
Ain't you got no candy
Ain't you got an extra bed
For me and little Andy?"


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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