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The Media

The Media
 (Ewan MacColl)

 Every second of every minute, every hour of every day
 The babblers work at building Babel, listen to what they say
 Reading the news and feeding their views to the minds of a captive nation
 Blending fact and fantasy - the official interpretation

 Every night in a billion rooms a billion minds are fed
 On a diet of pre-digested pulp prepared by talking heads
 Opinion-makers, phonies and fakers, talking to earn their pay
 Gazing out of their plastic world and talking our lives away

 Every time that a working man or woman demand their rights
 The talking machine works overtime to prove that black is white
 Strikers are traitors, paid agitators, miners are surly brutes
 But don't let the viewers see the coppers teaching them with their boots

 Every day the smooth-faced pundits forecast on the box
 The miners' strike is lost, they say, and Scargill's on the rocks
 Lies, defamation, misinformation, this is the testing time
 He kept faith with the men who elected him, and that is a major crime

 Every time there's a strikin' poll the lads of the BBC
 And the Thatcher mob weep crocodile tears - hurrah for democracy
 The 'Sun' and the 'Mail' both joyfully hail the Poles' 'Solidarity'
 Let British workers go on strike they sing in a different key

 For solidarity's good for Poles - but not for you and me


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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