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Meeks Family Murder

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Meeks Family Murder

About one mile from Browning, upon the Jenkins Hill
Gus Meeks and family were murdered by the Taylors, George and Bill.

The first they killed was Mr. Meeks; And the woman began to cry
And beg them to spare her little ones, but they told her all must die.

In vain they looked around for their mischief to conceal;
So loaded them into a wagon and drove to George's field.

Next morning George was seen with his team out in the field
Harrowing around the old straw stack where the bodies were concealed.

But the hand of Providence was there, as you all know very well,
To spare the life of the little one on the murderers to tell.

And when she rose from her strawy grave to Carter's house she went
And told them of the tragedy and the terrible night she had spent.

And when George Taylor heard of this he went to his brother Bill
And told him of the mistake they had made: "There is one we did not kill."

So they hustled around, as you all know, and soon they left the town;
And ever since been hunted for, but still they can't be found.

Now they are at large, and the officers seem to think that they are gone
And if ever they catch those desperate men I shall complete my song.

DT #719
Laws F28
From Beldin, Ballads and Songs (Missouri)
Gus Meeks had testified against the Taylors in 1894.  The Taylors were
caught, but one escaped before execution.

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