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Meeks Murder 3

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Meeks Murder 3

I'm one of Mr. Meek's little girls an' if you'll lend an ear
I'll tell you about the saddest tale that ever you did hear

We lived upon the Taylor's farm not many miles from town
One night as we was all asleep the Taylor boys come down

They wanted to take my papa away, my momma answered no
We could not be left here alone, but the family all could go

We got into the wagon then an' rode to Jenkins Hill
An' all at once we knew not why but the team was standin' still

They murdered my mamma and papa too and knocked the baby in the head
They murdered my brothers and sisters four an' left me there as dead

An' now my little song you've heard an' the rest you all know well
I'm left an orphan here alone in this wide world to dwell

I want you all to pray for me that I may meet them there
In heaven above where all is love there'll be no murdering there.

DT #796
Laws F30
From Randolph, Ozark Folksongs, vol 2
Collected from Clyde Weems of Cardin OK (originally from MO) in 1927
murder occurred May 11, 1894 in Linn County MO
motive was to silence witnesses

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