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The Meeting Song

The Meeting Song
(Linda Chobotuck)

    Don't waste our time with trifles
      And don't be bureaucratic
    But don't make a decision
      Because that is autocratic
    Put an end to anarchy
      And give us some direction
    But don't go telling us what to do
      You're going to get objection

First we tried concensus
  Because that is in this year
Let's put an end to patriarchal
  Power forms my dear
But soon four-hour meetings
  Began to take their toll
'Twas just a tyranny of those
  With iron bowel control

The meetings were so boring
  A time and effort waste
So we set up an executive
  To deal with it post-haste
But then things were decided
  And we had had no say
So we bought them all back for debate
  Again another day

We made lots of regulations
  To keep them all in line
But then we found they bound us too
  There was a change of mind
There have to be firm guidelines
  Which we must obey
As long as they me do what I want
  Everything's okay

We used to go by Robert's
  A Yankee power play
But we couldn't find a Burinot
  So had to let it stay
Who cares if constitution
  Or the rulebooks don't apply
There's always the Marquis of Queensborough Rules
  On which we can rely

"A motion to table is non-debatable"


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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