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Melville Castle

Melville Castle

Willie's gane to Melville Castle,
boots an spurs an a'
Tae bid the ladies a' fareweill
afor he gaes awa'
Willie's young and blythe and bonnie,
loved by ane and a'
O what will a' the lassies dae
when Willie gaes awa'?

The first he met was Lady Kate,
She led him thro' the ha',
And wi' a sad and sorry heart
She let the tear doon fa''
Beside the fire stood Lady Grace,
Said ne'er a word ava;
She thocht that she was sure o' him,
Before he gaed awa'.

Then ben the house cam' Lady Bell,
"Gude troth, ye needna craw,
Maybe the lad will fancy me,
An' disappoint ye a'."
Doon the stair trip't lady Jean,
The flow'r amang them a';
"Oh! lasses, trust in providence,
And ye'll get husbands a'."

When on his horse he rode awa',
They gather'd round the door,
He gaily wav'd his bonnet blue,
They set up sic a war!
Their cries, their tears brought Willie back,
He kiss'd them one an' a',
"Oh! lasses, bide till I come hame,
And then I'll wad ye a'."

(from the singing of Alistair McDonald)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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