Digital Tradition Mirror


(Si Kahn)

We come today to say goodbye to one who has held us close,
To tell the stories of his life that move us each the most.
These memories of a life well lived and of a death well faced,
Are now a part of every life that crosses in this place

Cho:  No circle has been broken here, no one that stands alone.
     The threads of life, so lately broke, are woven through our own.

He'd hoped to meet us all again that gather here today,
But though we will not meet again, we'll meet again some way.
In work we do, in songs we sing, in courage and in pain,
In battles that we fight as one, we'll see his face again.

Sung by Si Kahn on "Unfinished Portraits," Flying Fish FF312, 1984.
(Si Kahn, Copyright Joe Hill Music, ASCAP.)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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