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The Men of Ninety-Eight

The Men of Ninety-Eight

Oh, let glasses clink and hearty drink to those of long ago
Who roamed the land with pike in hand to fell the heathen foe
'Twas Father John who spurred them on to save their holy faith
They heard his call to fight or fall, the men of Ninety-Eight

In Boolavogue the brutal rogue was ruling far and wide
Till marching on came Father John, his pikemen by his side
Slieve Coillte too saw plenty slew, likewise Three Bullet Gate
And the new Ross street was strong to greet the men of Ninety-Eight

They feared to roam from burning home and peaceful Shelmalier
Both day and night they stayed from sight until the coast was clear
One fearless man from old Killane did every Saxon hate
We've seen and read of how he led the men of Ninety-Eight

Poor Father Roche they did approach and mocked his immortal name
And when Harvey died by the Slaney side the English were to blame
On Vinegar Hill more blood did spill, full bitter was their fate
The Yeos did shoot and persecute the men of Ninety-Eight

We will ne'er forget those men who set our faithful island free
That gallant few so loyal and true will live in memory
Some made their graves by Carrick waves, all are heroes great
So speak with pride of those who died, the men of Ninety-Eight


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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