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The Mermaid (4)

The Mermaid (4)

As I sailed from Galway in service to the Queen
My ship she grew lost no land was seen.
I stood at the rail to take the air
And my eyes did see in the water A mermaid swimming there

Her face shone of moonlight her comb was in her hair
She was garlanded with pearls and shells so rare.
She lifted her glass myself to see
And the image there in her looking glass was my destiny

The vision I saw as I looked into the glass
Foretold of our doom soon come to pass.
My ship would go down into the sea
And the mermaid said I can save you all just believe in me

The clouds rolled with thunder our ship would soon be lost
I begged for our lives at any cost.
She smiled as she sang my crew to sleep with her charming voice
I did fall into a slumber deep

The next thing I heard as I woke from her spell
Was the distant faint ringing of a bell.
My crew they were shouting at sight of shore
And the mermaid's song shall be in my heart forever more


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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