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Mighty Mississippi

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Mighty Mississippi

Way out in the Mississippi valley
Just among the plains so grand,
Flows the flooded Mississippi River
Destroying the works of man.

With her waters at the highest
That all man has ever known,
She came sweeping through the valley
And destroying land and homes.

There were children clinging in the treetops
Who had spent those sleepless nights,
And without a bit of shelter
Or even a spark of light.

With their prayers going up to their Father
For the break of day to come,
That they might see some rescue party
Who would provide for them a home.

There were some of them on the housetops
With no way to give an alarm,
There were mothers wading in the water
With their babies in their arms.

Let us all get right with our Maker
As He doth make all things well,
And be ready to meet in judgment
When we bid this earth farewell.

Recorded by The New Lost City Ramblers; originally from Ernest

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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