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Middle Ground

Middle Ground
(Mary Chapin Carpenter)

For years she's lived on her own
In a corner of the city
Twice a year she gets back home
Playing catch-up with the family
She tells her folks what they need to know
Her mother says she's much too thin
Her sisters ask about her bows
Dad inquires how's business been.
She's 33 this time around
She's always been real good at listening
Her sense of humor never lets her down
Except sometimes there's something missin'

cho: Hey middle ground
     A place between up and down
     She could have been safe and sound
     Oh to know middle ground.

For years she's been on her guard
She's kinda tense around the shoulders
She ponders why she works so hard
Counts the days as they grow older
She takes a weekend now and then
To stay in bed and watch the reruns
She turns the phone off when guilt sets in
But Sunday always leaves her kinda let down

Bridge:She gave her heart away one time
     She says she hasn't seen it since
     Loves a puzzle in her mind
     The pieces match, but don't quite fit.


And so it is through thick and thin
It never rains unless it's pourin'
Her single friends are all men
She thinks married girls are so damn boring.
Chorus... to end.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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