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Miner Lad

Miner Lad

As I walked out one morning, one morning in the spring,
I heard a maiden singing, so sweetly did she sing.
She sang about her miner lad, she sang so pleasantly:
'Of all the lads in our town, it's a miner's lad for me.'

There's two of them from Skipton and two from Draytion town,
And two or them from Batley, a place of high renown.
Six nicer young fellows you never could behold
They could turn the blackest diamonds into silver or bright gold

If you should see my miner lad a-walking down the street
Dressed up in his uniform so canny and so neat,
His teeth are white as ivory, his eyes as black as sloes,
You can always tell a miner lad, no matter where he goes.

I'll build my love a castle, a place of high renown,
Where lords, dukes nor princes can ever pull it down.
For the King he loves his Queen, the Emperor the same,
And I love my miner lad. Who can me blame?

Collected by Gloria Dallas from Kate Healy in Yorkshire

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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