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Don't Go Down in the Mine, Dad

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Don't Go Down in the Mine, Dad
(Robert Donnely, Will Geddes)

A miner was leaving his home for his work,
When he heard his little child scream;
He went to his bedside, his little white face,
"Oh, Daddy, I've had such a dream;
I dreamt that I saw the pit all afire,
And men struggled hard for their lives;
The scene it then changed, and the top of the
Was surrounded by sweethearts and wives."

    Don't go down in the mine, Dad,
    Dreams very often come true;
    Daddy, you know it would break my heart
     If anything happened to you;
     Just go and tell my dream to'your mates,
     And as true as the stars that shine,
     Something is going to happen today,
    Dear Daddy, don't go down the mine!

The miner, a man with a heart good and kind,
Stood by the side of his son;
He said, "It's my living, I can't stay away,
For duty, my lad, must be done."
The little one look'd up, and sadly he said,
"Oh, please stay today with me, Dad!"
But as the brave miner went forth, to his work,
He heard this appeal from his lad:

Whilst waiting his turn with his mates to descend,
He could not banish his fears,
He return'd home again to his wife and his child,
Those words seem'd to ring through his ears,
And, ere the day ended, the pit was on fire,
When a score of brave men lost their lives;
He thank'd God above for the dream his child had,
As once more the little one cries:

From Only a Miner, Green
Copyright Lawrence Wright Co.
Note: Published in London, 1910. This is the original. The more common
version (Doc Watson from Vernon Dahlhart) is a rewrite. I'm not sure, but I
believe the more popular tune is also the tune for this one. RG

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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