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The Scopes Trial

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\The Scopes Trial
(Carson Robison)

Oh the folks in Tennessee are as faithful as can be,
And they know the bible teaches what is right.
They believe in God above and His great undying love,
And they know they are protected by His might.
Then to Dayton came a man with his new ideas so grand,
Who said we came from monkeys long ago,
But in teaching his belief, Mister Scopes found only grief.
For they would not let their old religion go.

cho: You may find a new belief, it will only bring you grief,
     For a house that's built on sand is sure to fall.
     And wherever you may turn, there's a lesson to be learned,
     That the old religion's better after all.

Then the folks throughout the land saw his house was built on sand
And they said, "We will not listen any more."
So they told him he was wrong, and it was not very long
That he found that he was barred from every door.
Oh, you must not doubt the word that was written by the Lord
For if you do your house will surely fall
And Mr. Scopes will learn that, wherever he may turn
That the old religion's better after all.

Recorded by Vernon Dahlhart

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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