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Little Mohea

Little Mohea

As I went out walking for pleasure one day
In sweet recreation to wear time away
As I sat amusing myself on the grass
Oh, who could I spy but a fair Indian lass

She took her seat by me and took my hand
Says, "You are a stranger and in a strange land
But if you'll follow, you're welcome to come
And dwell in my cottage which I call my home

The sun had passed shining across the deep sea
As I wandered along with my pretty Mohea
Together we wandered, together did rove
Till we came to the cottage in the cocoanut grove

This kind of expression she made unto me
"If you will consent, sir, to stay here with me
And go no more roving across the deep sea
I'll teach you the language of pretty Mohea

"Oh, no, my dear maiden, that never could be
For I have a true love in my own country
And I'll not forsake her, for I know she loves me
Her heart is as true as the pretty Mohea

It was early one morning, one morning in May
This kind of expression I made unto her
"I'm going to leave you, for my boat is now here
The ship's sails are spreading, and homeward I must steer

The last time I saw her she was standing on the strand
And as my boat passed her she waved me her hand
Says, "When you have landed, with the girl that you love
Think of little Mohea and the cocoanut grove

And when I have landed on my own native shore
With friends and relations around me once more
I looked all around me, but none could I see
Who was fit to compare with the little Mohea

The girl I had trusted proved untrue to me
I'll turn my course backward, from this land I'll flee
I'll turn my course backward, from this land I'll flee
I'll go spend my days with my pretty Mohea

Another variant is known as "Cocoanut Grove"

DT #648
Laws H8

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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