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Do You Love Me, Molly Darlin?

Do You Love Me, Molly Darlin?

Won't you tell me, Molly, darlin',
That you love none else but me?
For I love you, Molly, darlin',
You are all the world to me.

Tell me, darlin', that you love me,
Put you little hand in mine.
Take my heart, please Molly, darlin',
Say that you will give me thine.

Stars are smilin', Molly, darlin,
Through the mystic veil of night.
They seem happy (??? laughing ???), Molly, darlin',
While the pale moon hides her light.

No one listens but the flowers,
While they hang their heads in shame.
They are modest, Molly darlin',
When they hear me call your name.

Molly, fairest, sweetest, dearest,
Look up, darlin', tell me this,
If you love me, Molly, darlin'?
Let your answer be a kiss.

Molly Darling-recorded by Mac and Bob. Birch Records #1944,
publication date probably 1969, but with cuts dating back to 1926.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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